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Nasdaq Dubai sees financial education as a key driver in the development of a world-class capital market. Its Academy is uniquely equipped to address the professional development and training needs of issuers, Members, investors, market participants and the general public. If you want to perfect your knowledge in financial markets subjects to rise higher and offer more to your company; choose the capital markets centre. To accomplish this, professionals can expect these top 6 results from our Academy courses:

Immediate Value

The Academy’s practical courses ensure your new skills can be applied in practice right away and become part of your leadership approach.

Expert Trainer

The Academy partners only with top-tier training institutions well-known for their best practices and track records globally.

Wide Spectrum of courses

The Academy’s spectrum of courses is wide-ranging, encompassing new graduates to CEOs; certificate programs to specific subject areas; individual company programmes to team options; and in-class teaching to online learning.

Tailored Courses

As companies needs and goals differ, their learning requirements become unique. The Academy can create tailored courses and address specific subjects.

Recent Trends

Financial instruments and theories are constantly evolving. Our courses focus on the changes in the industry that matter.

Real-life Examples

Applying financial markets theory directly in the work place produces effective results. Our trainers specialise in practical case studies.

  • Starting with CFA, I don't need to say anything as it's already well known in the field. Secondly, NASDAQ Dubai Academy is to be congratulated for organizing the course. Finally, Genesis Institute is more than I expected. Mr. Yasir and Mr. Binod are like a library. Thank you all.

    Ahmed Omer
    Finance Officer, Cupola Teleservices
  • Such a helpful two days right from the basics of IR through to more advanced examples. Great fun too!

    Alexa Hooft Graafland
    Consultant, Bell Pottinger
  • The course provides a basic foundation for those who are willing to make a career in the investment industry and a good foundation for the candidates willing to do C.P.A. (Certified Public Accountant) in future. A great course to do.

    Ashish Anand Dubey
    Student, Amity University
  • Mr. Yasir's method of training was the best. Great personality. Thank you.

    Asiyeh Khezri
    Customer Service Assistant Manager, Emirates NBD Bank PJSC
  • The Claritas Prep Pro is an eye opener to what actually happens in an economy. Not only did it prepare me for the Claritas exam but made me appreciate the fundamentals that define an economy. Kudos! Highly recommended.

    David Kato
    Valuation Surveyor, Cluttons LLC
  • Thank you for your effort in organizing the workshop. I would just like to express my thanks to David Yates as well who walked us through the fundamentals of IR for each of the attendees' respective industries and took the time to give his personal feedback on my IR presentation.

    Lamis Daoud
    Head of Corporate Communications, The National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah (P.S.C.)
  • Very helpful and useful course. Gave examples of real work experience, keeping participants updated with new market tools.

    Louay Zahed
    Tourism Supervisor, Ninawa Tours
  • Thank you for the huge career step forward that I have made by attending these courses. It's not just that my knowledge has increased; my understanding has grown profoundly too, so now I am on a steeper learning curve than before. And the course style was spot on, both rigorous and fun to engage with.

    Loulwa Al-Ayoubi
    External Affairs Manager, Burgan Bank
  • Very informative and interactive. Mahmoud Hajjaj is very knowledgeable in AML /CFT Compliance and very organized. It was a very pleasant session.

    Mary-Jo LaHood
    Chief Compliance Officer, Xpress Money Services Ltd.
  • Very useful course. I really liked the case studies which the trainer took us through.

    Mohamed Ahmed Abu Zied
    Assistant Manager - Compliance, Xpress Money Services Ltd.
  • The course is very informative and does cover most of the common fraud trends in the market. Souzan is a very good trainer.

    Nadeem Akhtar
    Asst. Manager Fraud Control, Noor Bank
  • The workshop provided an informative macro understanding of the capital markets for non-finance professionals plus an excellent refresher for the finance professionals. The presenter was articulate and well-versed. What stood out was the wealth of nformation covered in just two days without feeling information cluttered.

    Rahul Jogani
    Finance Manager, Al-Futtaim investment management
  • The course was excellent and the information was directly related to my work. Mr. Yasir delivered the course in a very professional way and discussions in class were very useful.

    Rasha Hashem
    Manager, Customer Care Center, Emirates NBD Bank PJSC
  • Interesting, being part of best practices!

    Rashid Ali
    Head Investor Relations, Department of Finance
  • Practical course with real case studies and discussions from different fields.

    Saleh Jabbarin
    Compliance Officer, Emirates Islamic Financial Brokerage
  • I am thankful for attending this course. The discussions were very useful and would definitely help me at my work place.

    Tamara Salmo
    Compliance & Audit Associate, Al Ramz Securities LLC
  • The course gave me an excellent initial understanding to pursue an investment career. It helped me gain sufficient knowledge and skills.

    Tathagat Mahapatra
    Student, Amity University
  • Really a helpful session for frauds. Gave me new thoughts to check and observe activities with a different eye.

    Usman Haider
    Accounts Officer, Abu Dhabi Capital Market
  • For anyone who wants to have a step forward in the Investment Industry, this is the course to attend.

    Vicky Varyani
    Regional Private Banking and Wealth Management Professional, HSBC Bank Middle East