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Nasdaq Dubai’s Market Site: A dynamic new venue where Dubai will showcase financial markets and business thought leadership

By Hamed Ali Published on 25-Apr-2017

Early next year Nasdaq Dubai will relocate to brand new, state-of-the-art premises in a building currently under construction in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The relocation is an exciting step in many ways, but most of all because our premises will contain a unique venue that we will call the Market Site. This will become the premier arena for financial markets and business thought leadership and intellectual activity in the entire region, providing visibility globally. It will act as a catalyst for promoting new and increased capital markets activities both within the region and between the region and the rest of the world.

With dynamic event spaces and television studios among its core features, the Market Site will be the ideal venue for Nasdaq Dubai issuers and stakeholders to showcase their achievements and ideas. It will also be available for use by all companies and organisations that make up the DIFC community. The synergies between a new events and media hub on one hand, and more than 1,600 businesses and 21,600 professionals based nearby inside the DIFC on the other, are clear.

More widely, the Market Site will serve as the region’s focal communications hub for financial services and business entities, as well as prominent thought leaders and other individuals, in the UAE, the rest of MENA and beyond.

The Market Site will comprise large, attractive and technologically advanced spaces for holding celebrations of Nasdaq Dubai IPOs and other listings, as well as corporate functions and discussions and educational seminars. Its broadcast studio facilities will be used by international and regional household name TV stations. The whole arena will be visually energetic and exciting, making creative use of backdrops and surrounds including digital screens that will display data and information about financial markets around the world.

At the heart of the conversation

The Market Site will be a hive of activity. Its location in the region’s international exchange based in the DIFC, which is the region’s premier financial hub, puts the Market Site right at the heart of the conversation. Below are some examples of how the venue can be used by a wide variety of participants, regardless of whether they have any direct connection with Nasdaq Dubai:

  • A large North African company with branches across the Middle East is doing an IPO on Nasdaq Dubai. Its bell-ringing celebration on listing day, with guests including royalty and government leaders, requires a venue that has style and impact that will be seen around the world.
  • A CEO of an international financial services firm based in Frankfurt is visiting Dubai. He needs a venue to talk to UAE clients about new projects, and then hold a separate discussion with his own company’s regional executives.
  • A regional advisory services provider based in DIFC plans to hold a thought leadership event on a new financial asset class. Participants will come from across the MENA region and East Asia.
  • An Islamic bank has teamed up with an Islamic finance magazine to launch a series of forums on how to create Sharia’a-compliant products more efficiently and market them internationally.

The Market Site will be designed with the media in mind. TV stations will broadcast top quality interviews and discussions with financiers, executives and analysts from its studios, as well as provide breaking news and regular roundups of UAE and Middle East markets activity. They will also be able to broadcast the events that take place at the Market Site, if the participants so wish. Nasdaq Dubai is currently in discussion with a number of TV companies that are interested in taking space in the Market Site. Other TV companies will be able to broadcast from the arena on an ad hoc basis, and print, digital and social media will all be well catered for with desk space and equipment. The Market Site will play a big role in enhancing media coverage of the region’s financial and business stories, including putting a spotlight on the importance of Dubai as the region’s financial centre.

High demand for its facilities will ensure that the Market Site will be in constant use. By providing space for so much intellectual energy and firepower it will play a central role in the development of the financial markets in this region, and act as a conduit for ideas moving in both directions between the MENA region and the rest of the world. This in turn will promote

The Exchange Building, as our new home in DIFC will be called, is coming up fast as the construction work progresses. A fitting metaphor for the growth that I am looking forward to for Nasdaq Dubai and its market particpants, as well as for the region’s financial markets as a whole.

About the author

Hamed Ali
Chief Executive Officer, Nasdaq Dubai
Hamed Ali

Mr Ali was appointed Chief Executive Officer in July 2013, after serving as Acting Chief Executive Officer since August 2012. He previously served as Executive Director of Nasdaq Dubai from 2006 to 2008. His experience includes serving as Chief Operating Officer of DIFC Authority and most recently as Executive Director at the Dubai Knowledge & Human Development Authority.

Mr Ali played a key role in the development of the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 and participated in number of strategy development exercises. These included Nasdaq Dubai’s strategy in 2006 where he had the role of overseeing the implementation of the Market of Markets strategy expanding the exchange’s activities beyond the equity and debt markets into derivatives and other sectors.

Mr Ali holds an Executive MBA from London Business School, a B.Sc. in Applied Computing from Leeds Metropolitan University, and a Master Certificate in Project Management.

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