Annual Review 2010 Print

Welcome to our 2010 Annual Review

The Annual Review 2010 gives details of rising trading activity, new Members and other significant developments during the year, including a successful operations outsourcing to DFM.  Details on the Board of Directors and corporate governance are also provided.

As part of being environmentally responsible and in order to reduce our paper consumption the Annual Review is published online only.

Business Review

In a year when traded equities value on all other GCC stock exchanges declined, in some  cases by more than 50%, NASDAQ Dubai bucked the trend by posting an increase of 22% over 2009.

The exchange also made key structural changes to its market during 2010 that are designed to further increase liquidity, through an outsourcing of its key operational functions to Dubai Financial Market (DFM).  This radical step has redrawn the capital markets landscape by merging NASDAQ Dubai’s international institutional investors into the same liquidity pool as DFM’s more than 500,000 regional retail investors.

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Our outsourcing to DFM is already bearing fruit with greater retail access. A 22% increase in traded value over 2009 shows healthy progress.

Jeff Singer
Chief Executive Officer