3iQ's Bitcoin Fund - Investor FAQ

As the crypto world gathers pace and we see a growing interest in Bitcoin, Nasdaq Dubai is the first exchange in the MENA region to list a regulated Bitcoin based exchange traded product. 3iQ has dual listed its Bitcoin Fund on Nasdaq Dubai. The fund has received increasing interest through its listing in Canada, and is now ready to give access to investors in MENA and beyond through Nasdaq Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is 3iQ?

Founded in 2012, 3iQ is a Canadian investment fund manager focused on providing investors with exposure to digital assets, disruptive technologies and the blockchain space. 3iQ was the first Canadian investment fund manager to agree to the terms and conditions with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities to manage a public bitcoin investment fund and multi-crypto asset fund for Canadian accredited investors.

For more information visit 3iq.ae

What is the Bitcoin fund?

The Bitcoin Fund is a closed-ended fund managed by 3iQ as the fund manager and incorporated in Canada. The fund seeks exposure to Bitcoin and the opportunity for long-term capital appreciation. The Fund invests in long-term holdings of bitcoin to provide investors with a convenient alternative to a direct investment in bitcoin.

1 unit of the Bitcoin Fund represents approximately 0.00111591 of a Bitcoin.

What does the fund invest in?

The fund invests in Bitcoin as the underlying asset.

Is the Bitcoin Fund listed on any other market?

Yes, the fund is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). An investor will be able to transfer units between Nasdaq Dubai and the Toronto Stock Exchange, to do this they can speak to their broker.

The size of the fund in Canada on 21st June 2021 was approximately USD 570 million, and at its peak reached over USD 1.45 billion in April 2021. The price of each unit of the fund was USD 49.01.

On Nasdaq Dubai, it is the first digital asset based fund in the Middle East.

How can an investor trade?

Individuals and institutions can trade the Bitcoin Fund using the same National Investor Number (NIN) that they already use to trade on Nasdaq Dubai or DFM, just the way they trade equity through one of Nasdaq Dubai’s Members.

Can retail investors buy the units of the fund?

Yes, retail investors will be able to buy the units through their broker. You can see the list of Nasdaq Dubai Members here

What is the trading symbol?

The symbol name is “The Bitcoin Fund” and the trading symbol is QBTC

In which currency is the fund be listed on Nasdaq Dubai?

The fund is listed and traded in US Dollars on Nasdaq Dubai.

What is the minimum an investor can buy of the fund?

An investor can buy a minimum of 1 unit. 1 unit of the Bitcoin Fund represents 0.00111591 of a Bitcoin.