Market Data Providers

Company Contact Website
Bloomberg Finance LP UAE Sales team
Tel: +97143641000 
Refinitiv Sandra Azizi
Tel.: +971 44536803
Fidessa plc Tel: +44 (0) 2071051000
Global Market Access Network (DIFC) Limited GMA Operations
Tel: +971 4 5246444
FIS Data Systems Inc. Peter Galbraith
Tel: +971504586256 
Interactive Data (Europe) Limited Email:
SIX Financial Information Ltd Email: 
The Financial Times Ltd Peter Harris 
FactSet Research Systems Inc. Pascale Wazen Palpied
Tel: +97143780400
Tel: 1-877-FACTSET
Markit Group Ltd      Markit Support
Tel: +442072602000 
Euroland com AB Roland Keskula
Tel: +3726788453 0

Issuers displaying Market Data

Issuer Name Symbol Contact Website
ENBD REIT ENBDREIT Tel: +97145093010 
Emirates REIT REIT Tel: +9714405REIT (+97144057348)
Orascom Construction Limited OC Tel: +97143180900 / +20224611111
DEPA Group DEPA Tel: +97144462100

Reference Data Providers

Reference Data Provider Contact Website
Reference Data Services LLC (SmartStream) Email:

For Market Data Enquiries

Mansi Vivek   |   +971 4 305 5461   |

Data Policy

Nasdaq Dubai adopts best practice policies for information dissemination. All Nasdaq Dubai market information is the property of Nasdaq Dubai and subject  the following Data Policy:

  1. No person shall use, disseminate, display, transmit, transfer and/or direct, authorise or assist other persons to use, disseminate, display, transmit, or transfer Nasdaq Dubai market information without the prior written consent of Nasdaq Dubai.
  2. The market information covered by this Data Policy includes but is not limited to Nasdaq Dubai real time market data and third party information.
  3. Nasdaq Dubai shall not be liable for any claims and/or losses arising from the unauthorised use and/or distribution of Nasdaq Dubai market information, including claims and losses associated with incorrect market information received through unauthorised sources.
  4. Nasdaq Dubai market information must be obtained from Nasdaq Dubai or Nasdaq Dubai authorised data distributors only.
  5. If you believe that you are receiving unauthorised market information related to Nasdaq Dubai, please contact us at
  6. Violation of this Data Policy may lead to legal action.