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HAWKAMAH and DIFX Academy to provide workshop for Company Directors with focus on efficiency and corporate governance

PUBLISHED ON 29-Apr-2007
HAWKAMAH and DIFX Academy to provide workshop for Company Directors with focus on efficiency and corporate governance
Hawkamah, the Institute for Corporate Governance and the DIFX Academy, the training arm of the Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX), will jointly hold a two-day Director Development workshop in Dubai to promote corporate success and good governance in company boardrooms.

The course from May 1 to 2, 2007, will give details of governance best practice and explain how to build effective Boards of Directors, in order to enable companies to achieve best results for shareholders and other stakeholders and avoid conflicts of interest.

Dr. Nasser Saidi, Hawkamah’s Executive Director said: “As the leading institution fostering good governance in the region, Hawkamah welcomes this opportunity to help companies establish and maintain first class Boards. From this foundation, businesses can achieve operational success while also developing effective long-term strategies, enabling them to compete with the best run companies in the region and the world.”

The course includes the first part of Hawkamah’s four-part Director Development Programme. Participants will include current Directors, aspiring Directors, and others involved in strategic decision-making who aim to reach Director level.

Per E. Larsson, Chief Executive Officer of the DIFX, said: “This benchmark workshop will give Directors and other talented individuals a sophisticated understanding of how Boards need to operate in the rapidly changing environment of modern business. This will benefit their personal development as well as the performance of their companies.”

Topics covered include Directors’ duties and liabilities, the importance of independent directors, executive remuneration, procedures of Board committees and elections to Boards.

Hamed Ali, Executive Officer of the DIFX, said: “This workshop is an important addition to the range of courses offered by the Academy, which include a range of Islamic Finance programs and introduction courses to capital markets for individual investors, as well as a certification programs for professionals and traders.”

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