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Mac Capital becomes a trading member of the DIFX, opens new gateway to Exchange

PUBLISHED ON 29-Jan-2008
Mac Capital becomes a trading member of the DIFX, opens new gateway to Exchange

The Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX) today welcomed MAC Capital Limited (MAC) as its newest Member firm able to trade shares and other securities. MAC"s arrival opens a new gateway for regional and international investors to reach the region"s rapidly growing international stock exchange.

MAC is the flagship of the MAC Group, a global collaboration of financial institutions and prominent business people. The MAC Group has already developed a reputation as a specialist in mid-tier cross border transactions, as a leader in U.A.E. equity research and as a prominent equity broker on all U.A.E. markets.

Robert W. McMillen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the MAC group, commented: "We are thrilled to be invited to become a part of the success of the DIFX and our new membership enables us to provide our clients with a full suite of financial services. Our Category 2 Licence within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) allows us to assist clients in the public markets through listings, public offerings, and underwriting; and in the secondary market through fundamental and technical research, and securities brokerage.

"We are one of a handful of brokers that has direct access to the three UAE exchanges. The DIFX itself has generated considerable interest with the listing of DP World in November last year. We expect a number of high-quality primary and secondary listings to follow on the DIFX and would like to build on this momentum. We have already witnessed a rapid growth in interest from local and international investors alike."

Per E. Larsson, Chief Executive of the DIFX, said: "MAC Capital"s arrival on the DIFX provides further impetus for the exchange in its exciting growth as the region"s international listing platform. Through MAC Capital, investors in the UAE, the region and internationally can easily trade the expanding range of securities on the DIFX.

"As well the equities and structured products listed currently, the DIFX is preparing to list new asset classes such as exchange-traded funds and *derivatives to radically widen the range of investment opportunities."

MAC has joined the DIFX as a Trading Member.

Gerhard Hametner, Director of MAC, commented: "MAC has a focus on cross-border transaction flows and we have seen a tremendous interest from our foreign clients who wish to raise capital from investors in the Middle East and to issue secondary listings on the DIFX.

Despite the recent market turmoil, the fundamental growth characteristics of companies in the Middle East remain strong and our global institutional and individual investors have recognized this opportunity and have already begun to access the UAE markets. As much as the Middle East will be a source of global capital in the near term, stocks in countries like the UAE will also be a source of diversification and growth for global investors."

Hamed Ali, Executive Officer of the DIFX, said: "From its base in the DIFC, MAC Capital is well placed to participate in the dynamic growth and innovation taking place in the region"s capital markets, notably on the DIFX as the international financial exchange serving the region.

"MAC Capital is the seventh company in the UAE to join the Exchange and we look forward to welcoming many more."

*subject to regulatory approval

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