Trading REITs on Nasdaq Dubai

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a type of property fund. They own and manage properties. Investors in REITs receive the income from these properties through dividend distributions. You can trade REITs just like shares.

Benefits of investing in REITs include:

  • Dividend yields historically higher than for shares
  • Simplicity - REITs are bought and sold on exchange just like shares
  • Lower costs than buying and selling property directly
  • Greater liquidity than if you invest directly into property
  • Diversification through the multiple properties held in the fund

Nasdaq Dubai Trading Process

Who can trade?

Nasdaq Dubai welcomes investors of any nationality based in any country.

How can I trade?

Individuals and institutions can trade on Nasdaq Dubai using the same National Investor Number (NIN) that they already use to trade on Nasdaq Dubai or DFM. If you do not have a NIN, you can easily obtain one.

You should also appoint one of Nasdaq Dubai’s authorised brokers (Members) to trade on your behalf. Please see the table below for a list of Nasdaq Dubai’s Members.

What is a NIN?

A NIN is a unique number that enables you to trade any securities that are listed on Nasdaq Dubai and DFM.

How do I obtain a NIN?

Complete the Investor Data Entry Application form , gather all supporting documents and submit them to DFM or to your broker.

How long does it take to receive my new NIN?

Within 2-3 business days.

If I already have a NIN for DFM, do I need a separate NIN for Nasdaq Dubai?

No, you do not require a separate NIN to trade Nasdaq Dubai securities. You can use the same NIN used to trade on DFM.

Which brokers can trade on Nasdaq Dubai?

Most large brokers that trade on DFM can also trade on Nasdaq Dubai. Please see the table below for a list of Nasdaq Dubai’s Members.

Do I need to have an account with a Nasdaq Dubai broker to buy securities?

Yes. In order to buy securities of any kind including a REIT on Nasdaq Dubai, you must have an account with one of Nasdaq Dubai’s brokers

Please see the table below for a list of Nasdaq Dubai’s Members.

Can I use a DFM broker to trade on Nasdaq Dubai?

If a DFM broker is listed in the table below, then it can also trade on Nasdaq Dubai.

How do I open a trading account with a broker?

Contact a broker to inquire about the procedure, documents and costs. Each broker will have different requirements and will assist you through the process. The chosen broker can also assist you in obtaining a NIN.

How do I open a trading account if I reside outside the UAE?

Check with your local broker if they allow trading access on Nasdaq Dubai. You can also contact one of the brokers listed in the table below to verify how you may be able to trade on Nasdaq Dubai.

Is it possible to open several accounts with different brokers?

Yes, it is possible to open several accounts under different account numbers with more than one brokerage firm. All will be connected by your single NIN.

Market-Related Questions

When can I start trading REIT securities?

You can start trading on the date they list on Nasdaq Dubai.

What are the trading fees?

Please check with your broker about their trading commissions.

Can I trade in AED?

If a REIT is listed in USD, your broker can clarify if it allows AED accounts and how it can execute a trade in AED. Some brokers provide dollar trading account facilities which can assist you in transferring your AED account to a USD account.

Is there a helpline number I can call to answer any additional queries?

Whether you speak Arabic or English, you can contact Nasdaq Dubai on +971 4 305 5455 for any additional information.

What are the trading hours for the exchange?

10am to 2pm (6am to 10am GMT) Sunday - Thursday.

How can I monitor the trading data for REITs?

You can monitor the trading prices on our market data.

For All Listing Enquiries

Tahir Mahmood
Head of Business Development
T: +971 4 305 5468

Membership Enquiries
Ayman Alsatari
Head of Membership & Brokerage Services
T: +971 4 305 5484

Trading Enquiries
Market Operations
T: +971 4 305 5139
T: +971 4 305 5139

Media Enquiries
Mark Fisher
Head of Corporate Communications
T: +971 50 624 5805

Nasdaq Dubai Brokers

UAE Members Tel. Website
Abu Dhabi Islamic Securities Co. LLC +971 2 696 0333
ADCB Securities 800 3325 +971 2 621 1608 
AL-Daman Securities 800 9436
+971 4 332 4140
Al Dar Shares & Bonds  +971 2 612 6666
Al Ramz Capital LLC +971 2 626 2626
Al Safwa Mubasher Financial Services
Private Joint Stock Company
800 567 000
+971 4 389 2555
Arqaam Securities LLC +971 4 507 1780
Brokerage House Securities LLC +971 2 666 6774
CBD Financial Services +971 4 212 1010
EFG Hermes Brokerage UAE LLC  +971 600 500 004
Emirates Islamic Financial Brokerage LLC +971 4 383 4700
Emirates NBD Securities  +971 600 52 3434
Index Securities L.L.C +971 4 21 15 500
SHUAA Securities LLC   +971 2 4942777 
Mashreq Securities +971 4 2078823
Mawarid Securities LLC  +971 4 3040756
Menacorp Financial Services LLC +971 4 3162700 
Naeem Shares & Bonds +971 4 3824760
NBAD Securities LLC +971 2 6161600
Securities & Investment Company (UAE) L.L.C. +971 2 6590100
SHUAA Securities LLC +971 4 319 9850
Union Brokerage Company +971 2 617 2100
International Members Tel. Website
Citigroup Global Markets Limited +44 20 7986 4000
Credit Suisse +44 207 888 8888
Deutsche Bank AG London +971 4 4283844
+971 4 4283248
JP Morgan +44 20 7777 2000
Morgan Stanley +44 20 7425 8000
UBS AG +44 20 7567 8000
Wood & Company +48 784 036 365

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