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08 Jun, 2022Nasdaq Dubai welcomes listing of two Sukuk issuances by the Government of Indonesia with a total value of US$ 3.25 billion

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Nasdaq Dubai today welcomed the listing of two Sukuk tranches issued by the Government of Indonesia, with a total value of US$ 3.25 billion. The two tranches comprise US$ 1.75 billion five-year Trust Certificates with a 4.40% yield and US$ 1.5 billion 10-year Trust Certificates with a 4.70% yield.

The Government of Indonesia is one of the largest Sukuk issuers on Nasdaq Dubai, with the new listings increasing the total value of Sukuk listed by the Government on Nasdaq Dubai to US$ 22 billion.

The listings further strengthened Dubai’s position as one of the largest centers for Sukuk listings globally, with a total listed value of US$ 80.9 billion.