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Asset Classes

The platform enables the listing of a diverse range of asset classes beyond shares, such as derivatives, ETFs, REITs, Bonds, and Sukuk.

As a leader in innovation, Nasdaq Dubai has developed a multi-asset product offering. As well as shares, the exchange is a popular platform for listing Sukuk and conventional bonds. It has also pioneered on-exchange equity derivatives in the UAE.

The range of asset classes that the exchange can currently offer comprises

Capital Raise Options

Equity capital markets

Nasdaq Dubai is the international trading destination for equity securities (ie shares) in its region. This includes the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the wider Middle East and North Africa, Turkey and the Indian sub-continent.

Nasdaq Dubai provides issuers with a trading exchange in their own region that meets the standards of international exchanges around the world. It also gives them unique access to regional and international investors.

Debt capital markets


The region in which Nasdaq Dubai operates has recently broadened its financing base by accessing international capital markets in the form of bonds, Floating Rate Notes (FRNs) and Mediumterm Notes (MTNs).


Nasdaq Dubai aims to be the exchange of choice for regional and international issuers of Islamic (ie Sharia-compliant) securities. Nasdaq Dubai is already established as a major platform for Sukuk.

Alternative Investment Options

Fixed income

Nasdaq Dubai proposes to introduce trading of fixed income products that are admitted to its market, for institutional and professional clients.

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

ETFs admitted to trading on Nasdaq Dubai are expected to provide investors with the means to participate in all significant markets such as the US, Japan, the UK, Germany, France, etc.

Mutual funds

Major fund types that can currently be admitted to trading on Nasdaq Dubai include bonds, hedge and equity funds. The exchange also welcomes Islamic funds in its Islamic market segment.


Nasdaq Dubai launched its equity derivatives platform in November 2008 making a unique addition to the international and regional derivatives landscape. For the first time in the UAE, it enables equity derivatives based on UAE stocks to be traded on exchange.


Entities that act as an investment agent specialising in real estate can raise capital through a REIT on the exchange. REITs are securities that are invested directly in property or property mortgages and benefit from income streams from them such as rent.