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Our Technology

Trading on Nasdaq Dubai takes place on the world-class Nasdaq Matching System that powers the world’s leading exchanges.

The highly efficient Nasdaq Matching System, supplied by Nasdaq, Inc., handles trading of billions of securities a day around the globe. It is the most widely used marketplace management system, operated by more than 25 exchanges - more than any other trading platform.

Nasdaq Matching System provides a robust infrastructure for trades in a wide range of asset classes. This gives Nasdaq Dubai ideal flexibility as it expands to offer issuers and investors a growing choice of trading opportunities. The system support trading in multiple languages including Arabic.

Nasdaq Matching System is designed to meet challenges of high performance and low latency, enable risk to be controlled through sophisticated pre-trade position and risk management, and host multiple markets.

The system supports the following functional highlights:

  • Comprehensive market model support

  • Wide-ranging order type support

  • Market maker support

  • Market data management

  • Market control and supervision

Built on a Linux platform, and designed to have no single point of failure, Nasdaq Matching System provides a resilient system through the use of fault tolerant processing with hot-standby capabilities for zero transaction loss during failure.