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What is Nasdaq Dubai?

Nasdaq Dubai is the international stock exchange serving its region. It is located in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

Who owns Nasdaq Dubai?

The majority shareholder of Nasdaq Dubai is Dubai Financial Market (DFM), which acquired two thirds of the shares in May 2010 from Borse Dubai and Nasdaq Group. Borse Dubai still owns one third of the shares. Nasdaq is a shareholder of DFM.

How is Nasdaq Dubai regulated?

Nasdaq Dubai operates with standards comparable to those of leading international exchanges in New York, London and Hong Kong. The exchange is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), which is the independent regulator of all financial and ancillary services conducted to and from the DIFC.

What are the trading hours?

10:00am to 14:00pm (06:00am to 10:00am GMT) Sunday - Thursday
11:00 am to 16:10pm, (07:00am to 12:10 pm GMT) Sunday - Thursday

This means the exchange is often open when other markets around the world are closed.

Where there are changes to these timings, Nasdaq Dubai will issue a Circular notifying market participants.  See all Notices and Circulars.

What securities are listed on Nasdaq Dubai?

As a multi-asset class exchange Nasdaq Dubai offers various securities for trading:

See the full list of listed Equities, listed Debt Securities and listed Islamic Securities.

Who can trade on Nasdaq Dubai?

It is easy to buy and sell securities on Nasdaq Dubai which is open to investors of any nationality based in any country. Investors just need to contact a broker which is a member of Nasdaq Dubai.

Check the full list of members on Nasdaq Dubai.

Does Nasdaq Dubai or the DFSA set a fixed amount that brokers can charge their clients?

No. It is up to the broker to decide.

Who should an investor contact when he/she has a complaint about their broker?

The investor should contact the regulator of the broker. Therefore, if it is a broker based in the DIFC, the investor should contact the DFSA ; if it is a UAE broker the investor should contact Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). For further details, refer to our complaints section.

How is an IPO priced on Nasdaq Dubai?

The method of pricing an IPO is chosen by the issuer and its advisors. Bookbuilding is a commonly used mechanism on the exchange. Bookbuilding enables the issuer to assess the market value of its shares, by inviting investors to bid for the price and quantity of shares that they want. The issuer then chooses what share price to list at. Bookbuilding is a standard practice on international markets around the world.

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