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Murabaha Platform

Nasdaq Dubai CSD Platform To Facilitate Murabaha Transactions

The Nasdaq Dubai CSD Platform is used for facilitating Murabaha based Islamic financing transactions. This unique structure has been set up by Nasdaq Dubai in collaboration with Emirates Islamic (EI) and Emirates Islamic Financial Brokerage (EIFB) to develop a more attractive alternative for Islamic financing transactions with a focus on both retail and corporate customers.

The Platform facilitates transactions that utilise Sharia’a-compliant Certificates that are held in the depository of Nasdaq Dubai. The Certificates are based on Wakala investments, Sukuk and/or unlisted equity, and have been developed as the underlying asset for all the financing transactions.

Islamic banks, Islamic windows of conventional banks, and Islamic finance companies can make use of the Certificates to provide cash financing to customers in an efficient, fast and flexible manner. The Platform offers a number of advantages over alternative channels such as shares, commodities and Wakala placements.


Fixed Price and No Spread Differential

Unlike other alternatives, the Certificates have no risk of price change; they offer participants a reliable financing solution.

Proven Model with High Efficiency

The Platform runs on Nasdaq Dubai’s robust trading infrastructure, allowing it to execute trades efficiently. Financing deals can be completed in minutes. The Platform reached the $US 100 billion transaction value milestone in 2018 and the value of transactions it facilitates is growing rapidly.

High availability

Our time zone offers a unique advantage of availability for participants in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, through the better alignment of the Platform’s operating time with their commercial needs.

Flexible & Unrestricted Asset Classes

The Platform is built to be flexible. It allows the use of various Sharia’a-compliant asset classes as the underlying for Murabaha.

Sharia’a-Compliant Certificates

The structure and the use of the Certificates have been approved by the Sharia’a Board of Emirates Islamic. The Sharia’a Scholars who have approved the Certificates are:

  • Dr. Abdulsattar Abu Ghuddah

  • Dr. Mohamed Abdul Rahim Sultan Al Ulama

  • Dr. Yousef Abdullah Al Shubaili