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Data Policy

Nasdaq Dubai adopts best practice policies for information dissemination. All Nasdaq Dubai market information is the property of Nasdaq Dubai and subject the following Data Policy:

  1. No person shall use, disseminate, display, transmit, transfer and/or direct, authorise or assist other persons to use, disseminate, display, transmit, or transfer Nasdaq Dubai market information without the prior written consent of Nasdaq Dubai.

  2. The market information covered by this Data Policy includes but is not limited to Nasdaq Dubai real time market data and third party information.

  3. Nasdaq Dubai shall not be liable for any claims and/or losses arising from the unauthorised use and/or distribution of Nasdaq Dubai market information, including claims and losses associated with incorrect market information received through unauthorised sources.

  4. Nasdaq Dubai market information must be obtained from Nasdaq Dubai or Nasdaq Dubai authorised data distributors only.

  5. If you believe that you are receiving unauthorised market information related to Nasdaq Dubai, please contact us at

  6. Violation of this Data Policy may lead to legal action.