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Nasdaq Dubai Private Market

Nasdaq Dubai’s Private Market gives shareholders the comfort that their shares are held in a secure, electronic format with an international stock exchange.

The Private Market gives shareholders the comfort that their shares are held in a secure, electronic format with an international stock exchange.

For private companies, it is important to ensure the share register is well maintained especially when the number of shareholders start increasing as new investors come on board. The shares are held in in Nasdaq Dubai’s CSD (Central Securities Depository), which is a key part of the exchange’s sophisticated infrastructure. This brings companies into an exchange environment without having to go public.

Joining the Private Market can raise the public profile of a private company. It can also be the start of the company’s journey towards a capital market transaction. Whether the plan is to go public through an IPO on the Growth Market or Main Market, or issue bonds or Sukuk, membership of the Private Market gives a company the opportunity to learn more about Nasdaq Dubai and the exchange ecosystem.

Benefits of joining the Private Market

Safe Keeping

Nasdaq Dubai provides secure infrastructure that safeguards all the shares of a private company on behalf of their owners. A robust legal and regulatory framework underpins the CSD facility. The shares of Private Market companies are held in the CSD in exactly the same way as those of companies that are listed on Nasdaq Dubai’s public markets.

Public Confidence

Joining the Private Market can enhance trust by investors and the public in a private company. It provides credibility as the company pursues its business activities and supports best practice corporate governance. Nasdaq Dubai operates in the internationally recognized legal framework of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and its regulator is Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).

Global Visibility

By joining the Private Market, a company can attract publicity through its association with one of the world’s leading exchange brands. An announcement can be made at a market-opening bell-ringing ceremony at Nasdaq Dubai MarketSite attended by the company and its guests as well as TV and other media. Nasdaq Dubai can issue a joint press release that is sent internationally.

Internal Services

Nasdaq Dubai has close links with international CSDs including Clearstream and Euroclear. These facilitate cross border share transfers.

Preparation for Capital Raise

Once a company is a member of the Private Market, it can prepare for an equity or debt capital markets transaction from a position of familiarity with Nasdaq Dubai. Its investors will also be familiar with the exchange.

Corporate Actions

The CSD offers companies a range of services in processing corporate actions (any dividends, bonuses, consolidation, etc.) regarding shares held in the CSD.


The CSD supports the easy and efficient transfer of a company’s shares between buyers and sellers, by facilitating share settlement of those transfers.
Nasdaq Dubai’s Private Market welcomes privately held companies that wish to make use of the exchange’s sophisticated infrastructure to safeguard their shares.
How to Join

What is the process to join the Private Market?

Our team will work with the company throughout the process of joining the Private Market to ensure a smooth transition of the shares into the CSD. The process can be fast and is highly streamlined, with applications being reviewed within days of submission.

Complete Nasdaq Dubai’s application forms and submit them to the exchange along with supporting documents, such as Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum and Articles of Association. Information requested will include the number and type of shares (e.g. ordinary).
Ensure shareholders have a National Investor Number (NIN) with Nasdaq Dubai and a trading account with one of our Members. A NIN can be obtained through this form or by contacting a Nasdaq Dubai Member.
Once the application is approved Nasdaq Dubai will coordinate with the company on the movement of shares to the CSD, and that is when it becomes a part of Nasdaq Dubai.

How are shares transferred between investors in the Private Market?

Investors can easily buy and sell shares held in the Private Market through brokerages that are Members of Nasdaq Dubai, including most of the UAE’s leading brokerages. Such trading takes place off-exchange, with the transfer of ownership of the shares taking place in the CSD.

A list of Nasdaq Dubai Members can be found at our members page. Investors can contact the company in which they hold shares for more information.

Ongoing obligations

A private company with shares in the CSD must inform Nasdaq Dubai of certain changes to its status, such as its Articles. However, it is not subject to the requirements of a listed company, such as publishing company accounts or making regulatory disclosures.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

In 2021, Malabar investments joins the Private Market in a significant step that strengthens Malabar’s links with investors and provides the Company with a transparent, well regulated, efficient and secured solution for its share-related corporate actions

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W Motors

W Motors is the first private company to deposit its shares in Nasdaq Dubai’s Private Market, a strategic step to support the company's expansion plans. W Motors is a Dubai-headquartered hypercar company founded in 2012.The following information has been supplied by W Motors

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W Motors Bell Ringing at Nasdaq Dubai

Manrre REIT

Manrre Logistics Fund joined Nasdaq Dubai’s Private Market as the company expands options for qualified investors. Manrre is incorporated in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) as a closed-ended investment company.
The following information has been supplied by Manrre

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Manrre display on Nasdaq Tower

Become a part of Nasdaq Dubai’s Private Market

Your success story is our priority. Contact our team to discover how you can take your company to the next level of growth and they will help you with any questions.

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