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Now you can trade Saudi Single Stock Futures on Nasdaq Dubai

Equity Futures: An Exciting New Market

Nasdaq Dubai’s equity futures market has attracted substantial trading since its launch with UAE single stock contracts. The market has expanded by adding UAE equity index futures as well as Saudi single stock and Saudi equity index futures.

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Benefits of Equity Futures

Nasdaq Dubai Equity Futures offer many benefits for investors.


Leverage is a key feature of equity futures. The initial payment (called initial margin) that an investor must make is only between 10% and 30% of the value of the contract. This magnification of the effect of the capital, called leverage, can lead to significant gains (or losses). These gains (or losses) can be much larger than the amount invested.

Trading & Arbitrage

Investors can benefit from the out-performance of one stock price over another through pair trading, by going long on one stock and short on another stock through futures. There are also opportunities for arbitrage when futures and underlying stock prices diverge.

Profit when price falls as well as rises

Selling in advance (shorting) and buying back allows an investor to profit from a stock that is going down in price. Buying and then selling later allows an investor to profit from a stock that is going up.


Allows portfolio managers and investors to hedge their existing market exposure, either increasing or decreasing their exposure to volatility of the underlying equity.

Cost Effective

Futures fees can be lower than fees for trading equities.


Futures contracts are always in a standardised form.

How to trade Equity Futures

An investor opens an account for futures trading with an approved Nasdaq Dubai broker. They can then place orders in the same way as for stock trades.

The initial payment for the futures is the initial margin. Profit and losses will be settled on a daily basis (known as variation margin). Investors must keep sufficient cash balance with their broker to meet their initial margin and daily variation margin requirement. If an investor fails to meet their margin requirement within the time specified by the broker, the broker may close the investor’s positions.

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The launch of voluntary carbon credits on Nasdaq Dubai’s platform aligns with Dubai’s initiative to combat climate change and meet the increasing demand for offsetting emissions. In collaboration with Dubai government, local entities, and international participants, Nasdaq Dubai supports decarbonisation efforts of organisations.

Futures Members

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BrokerAl Ramz CapitalEmailOsama MohratContactosama.Mohrat@alramz.aePhone+971 2 611 8816
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