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CANDI - Company Announcements and News Disclosure

Nasdaq Dubai’s Company Announcements and News Disclosure (CANDI) system is a Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) approved Regulatory Announcement Service (RAS).

CANDI is an automated, straight-through processing system which supports you as an Issuer in meeting your regulatory disclosure obligations. It ensures your company announcements and news disclosures can be distributed immediately to leading news providers such as Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and Dow Jones as well as UAE media, brokers and other market participants.

Nasdaq Dubai has introduced enhancements to its CANDI system and a more streamlined platform to provide a superior level of service to Issuers with effect from 27 December 2012.

Key Features

Web based

Software accessed from any computer with internet connection giving greater user flexibility

Easy to use

  • Simple process to create and distribute announcements

  • Multiple formats : Documents can be uploaded in a range of different formats (pdf, Word, Excel etc)

Preview facility

Provides for preview for final checks before an announcement is released

Manage distribution list

Issuers can tailor their distribution list by adding and deleting recipients

Audit log

System includes a clear and comprehensive audit log of all disclosures released

Extended Reach

Your company announcements and news disclosures can reach:

  • Wide range of market participants and investors across the MENA region, American and European markets through Nasdaq Dubai’s wide member network

  • Leading Arabic and English media and news agencies in the MENA region

  • Maximum exposure to market professionals, issuers and regional companies through Nasdaq Dubai’s unique website presence

Nasdaq Dubai offers Issuers a choice of two different services:

  • CANDI RAS : Enables Issuers to meet their regulatory disclosure obligations through the enhanced CANDI service.

  • CANDI Exchange : Makes disclosures only to the Nasdaq Dubai website. If you choose this option, you will need to make use of a RAS other than Nasdaq Dubai.

The annual fee includes:

  • Distribution to leading news providers, Nasdaq Dubai’s international and regional brokers and key Middle East media *

  • Unlimited company announcements and news disclosures

  • Operation hours from 9:00am to 5:00pm

  • User Guide and training

  • Ongoing user support