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Nasdaq Dubai Growth Market

Nasdaq Dubai’s Growth Market is designed for companies that are achieving rapid growth and wish to expand further on an international exchange.

Rapidly expanding companies will soon be able to access the capital markets to realise their full growth potential. Nasdaq Dubai’s Growth Market, which is set to launch in early 2021, will allow these companies to raise capital and build their international exposure by going public through an IPO. Supported by a network of high quality financial advisers, the Growth Market opens up the opportunity to connect with a wider pool of investors and, in many cases, provide better valuation opportunities. The Growth Market is tailored to further assist companies on their path towards a Main Market listing.

Nasdaq Dubai Growth Market was launched by the Crown Prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, on October 27, 2020.

“SMEs are a key engine of our national economy. The launch of the Nasdaq Dubai Growth Market is a strategic step that will support this vital sector by opening new horizons for companies and providing them with investment resources to expand their business and enhance their attractiveness in global markets," His Highness said.
His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum

Going public is not only about raising capital. There are many other benefits:

  1. Raising your profile globally through a listing on a world-class exchange
  2. Increasing the credibility of your brand
  3. Providing your customers and stakeholders the opportunity to be a part of the company’s success
  4. Using an IPO as a stepping stone to the next level of growth and fueling your expansion
  5. Creating liquidity for shareholders to exit

Where a company is not ready to go public, Nasdaq Dubai’s Growth Market for private companies is the ideal destination to take advantage of some of these benefits and start preparing to become a public company.

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The Growth Market is designed to be straightforward to join with an efficient and cost effective structure. It is a stepping stone to joining Nasdaq Dubai’s Main Market as you grow.
How to list?
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Who is the growth market for?

Nasdaq Dubai’s Growth Market requirements provide the flexibility to allow a wide range of companies to list

Any company that is valued up to USD 250 million We don’t have a minimum so smaller growth companies are welcome to join
Established for a minimum of 1 year
Based anywhere around the world
Ready to offer at least 25% of its shares

What benefits does Nasdaq Dubai provide you?

  1. Access to capital from investors around the world on the region’s international exchange through an existing investor network from over 110 countries
  2. International network of high quality Advisors available to help and facilitate a smooth listing process by collaborating with both companies and Nasdaq Dubai to ensure high market quality
  3. Streamlined and timely listing process by being in line with best international practice
  4. Less demanding listing process with lower listing fees
  5. The Nasdaq brand brings visibility and credibility, and can potentially help listed companies as they further expand
  6. Owners can keep control of the company and its strategy by floating as little as 25% of the company

What is the process to list?


Contact Nasdaq Dubai to discuss the Growth Market and the opportunities for you


We will connect you with the Advisors for you to appoint those that fit best to your requirements requirements


Work with the Advisors to prepare the prospectus and apply to the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), the exchange’s regulator, and Nasdaq Dubai


After the prospectus is approved you can start your roadshow to connect with investors and start raising money
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Go Public

Once the roadshow is complete and you have allocated shares to the new investors you are ready to list on Nasdaq Dubai and go public

Listing Advisors

Nasdaq Dubai will launch the Growth Market in collaboration with leading advisory firms, including financial institutions, law firms and accountancy firms. The role of a Listing Advisor is to provide support to a Growth Market company before and after its IPO.

These firms have individuals who have experience in conducting IPOs, or professional training and at least 5 years relevant experience. They come with the knowledge and ability that will help you through your IPO journey.

Listing Advisors assist the issuer with the IPO process, including preparing the company for the IPO and writing a prospectus for investors. After the IPO, a Listing Advisor maintains a relationship with the company for 3 years to assist with meeting the ongoing requirements.

Launch Partners

Nasdaq Dubai is working with key entities to support companies in their capital requirements and listing on the Growth Market. These include investment banks, corporate advisory firms, lawyers, leading accounting firms, government entities, funds and free zones.

Become a part of Nasdaq Dubai’s Growth Market

Your success story is our priority. Contact our team to discover how you can take your company to the next level of growth and they will help you with any questions.

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