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Making a complaint against a member of Nasdaq Dubai

If you wish to make a complaint against a Member of Nasdaq Dubai, in relation to services provided on or through Nasdaq Dubai, you should try dealing with the Member first. It is usually best to write to the Member so you have a record of what you say. Try to give as much detail as possible. Setting out your complaint in chronological order is helpful.

The Member should have adequate arrangements in place to deal with your complaint in accordance with the rules of their financial services regulator; this includes sending you acknowledgement of the complaint and an indication of the timeframe in which they will respond.

If you are not happy with the Member’s response, they rejected your complaint, or they did not respond within a reasonable time, you may refer your complaint to Nasdaq Dubai.

Making a complaint to Nasdaq Dubai

If you wish to refer a complaint to Nasdaq Dubai, or you would like to make a complaint against Nasdaq Dubai, you may contact:

Nasdaq Dubai Compliance
Level 8, The Exchange (GV 11),
Dubai International Financial Centre
P.O. Box 53536
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nasdaq Dubai Compliance will determine the appropriate person in Nasdaq Dubai to assess and try to resolve your complaint to the extent that it is appropriate for Nasdaq Dubai to do so.

A Complaint should contain the following information:

  • Your name, address, contact details, telephone, email; etc

  • The name of the security or securities or derivatives that are the subject of your complaint or a detailed description of the practice or behavior that is the subject of your complaint;

  • The date or dates of the problem activity or transaction;

  • If applicable, the identity of the Member(s) involved; and

  • A detailed description of the events and circumstances surrounding the activity that is the subject of the complaint.

It is best if you put your complaint in writing, giving as much detail as possible so that you have a record of the information you provide.

Nasdaq Dubai does not deal with Complaints which:

  • Relate to events which are more than six years old;

  • Relate to a contractual or commercial dispute involving Nasdaq Dubai;

Handling Complaints

We aim to acknowledge your complaint promptly. Included in the acknowledgement will be the contact details of the individual responsible for handling the Complaint and an indicative timeline on when we expect to provide a response.

Complaints shall be fairly and impartially investigated by a person not involved in the conduct about which the complaint has been made.

You may expect the Senior Manager, Compliance & Market Regulation to handle the complaint if it involves an allegation against a Member or an allegation of a breach of laws, regulations or rules by Nasdaq Dubai.

If your complaint is against a Nasdaq Dubai employee, be aware that it will be necessary for the person handling the complaint to contact the person you have complained about.

At the conclusion of the investigation, we will inform you of the outcome of our investigation. Possible outcomes include:

  • Upholding your complaint and providing you with a suggested remedy; or

  • Rejecting your complaint

If you are not satisfied with our response, you can escalate your complaint to our regulator, the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) at:

Level 13, The Gate
Dubai International Financial Centre
P.O. Box 75850
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alternatively, you may direct your complaint to the Member’s financial services regulator. You can find this information on the Member’s website. View all Nasdaq Dubai members and their contact details.