IPO Document Checklist

Many of the documents that companies must produce in order to IPO are listed below:

Documents DFSA
DFSA listing application form (MKT2 Form)
DFSA approved prospectus
Three years audited financial statements (in accordance with IFRS)
Certificate of incorporation
Board (or other authorised governance body) resolution authorising:
  • The issue and allotment of securities;
  • The raising of capital and the filing of the DFSA listing application form
Memorandum and articles of association
Directors undertaking

In addition to copies of many of the above documents, NASDAQ Dubai requires the following:

Documents NASDAQ Dubai
A duly completed trading application form signed by the relevant authorised parties (Form 1)
A certified copy of the articles of association or other document constituting the securities

Certified copies of the Board of Directors resolution authorising:

  • The issue and allotment of all securities for which admission is sought;
  • The raising of capital and the filing of the trading application to NASDAQ Dubai
Audited annual reports and financial statements
Where an issuer is seeking a secondary listing, evidence that the class of securities is subject to a primary listing
Final copy of the DFSA approved prospectus
A copy of any waiver of the DFSA Markets Rules issued by the DFSA
A copy of an issuer’s receipt of the DFSA’s conditional approval of admission to the  Official List
Executed NASDAQ Dubai CANDI issuer agreement, if applicable
Executed NASDAQ Dubai market maker agreement, if applicable
Executed NASDAQ Dubai registry agreement, if applicable

Nasdaq Dubai IPO Guide

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