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Conventional Bonds

Nasdaq Dubai provides an environment that gives credibility and high visibility to issuers of Debt products on its platform.


The region in which Nasdaq Dubai operates has broadened its financing base by accessing international capital markets in the form of a variety of conventional bonds including Floating Rate Notes (FRNs) and Medium-term Notes (MTNs).

Conventional bonds with a nominal value of four billion dollars are listed including Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) issued by prominent UAE banks and a Medium Term Note (MTN) issued by a prominent corporate entity of the Dubai Government.

Benefits of Bonds for Investors

Regular income

Fixed income securities can provide a regular income stream through coupon payments.

Earn better returns

The yield premium can be particularly attractive during periods of declining or low interest rates.

Safer Investment

If a company goes bankrupt, debt holders are generally ahead of shareholders in the queue to be paid.

Capital appreciation potential

Positive events affecting the economy, industry or issuing company can reward investors with increases in the security price.

Portfolio risk diversification

Fixed income can offer diversification with low volatility across a range of maturities and industries away from more cyclical asset classes such as equities.

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